Operational K9 teams

Narcotic Detection Dog.

Private businesses such as drug rehabilitation centers and industrial sites must provide drug-free environments and workplaces. Our Narcotic Detection Dogs (NDDs) act as a deterrent to prevent employees and visitors from bringing drugs onto customer properties. Drug sniffer dogs are trained to detect various illegal substances. This training teaches them to recognize the latest odors of narcotics on the market and to respond appropriately when confronted with those odors in practical situations. Drug detection K9 teams are typically used by law enforcement officers to search buildings, vehicles, cargo, luggage, and/or any location suspected of containing illegal substances. We search commercial businesses, drug rehabilitation facilities, and more. Our K9 search process results in very little disruption to your business or daily operations.

Explosives Detection Dog.

Also known as bomb dogs or bomb sniffer dogs, explosive detection dogs detect various explosive materials near the exterior of buildings, remote areas, security checkpoints, vehicles, packages, and pedestrians. Our EDD teams consist of highly trained sniffer dogs and experienced handlers, who are highly visible and psychological deterrents against criminal and terrorist threats.

Cell Phone Detection Dog.

Mobile phones are notoriously difficult to trace, making them easy to smuggle into prisons. These devices are then used in various criminal activities within the facility and to facilitate criminal operations outside it. Specially trained dogs detect hidden cell phones through the scents common to these devices.

Currency Detection Dog.

Currency is easily concealed and difficult to find. Currency detection dogs are trained to uncover large amounts of currency. These services are ideal for government, border patrol, prisons, and rehabilitation centers.

Leak Detection.

We use specially trained odor detection dogs that can recognize and warn their handlers of a specific odor related to leak detection. The dogs are trained to utilize their remarkable sense of smell to detect and identify a leak. All our dogs have undergone extensive training.

Invasive species.

Our dogs are trained to recognize and locate various invasive species.

We use highly advanced equipment and resources to support our work. Contact us today for more information on pricing and availability.