Professional Education Center Scent imprint for dogs

Scent imprint for dogs (S.I.F.D) is a K9 training center located in the Netherlands. What sets us apart? Unlike some other canine trainers, our puppies are raised in specific disciplines like detection and trailing from just 8 weeks old.



What We Can

Course detection instructor

Because of our desire to make our training more accessible, we decided to train instructors from different dogs schools, so that they are able to teach the dogs of there own dog school.

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Course tracking and trailing instructor

We were asked how we train our dogs in human scent. We utilize the best training resources that we know within trailing and tracking to train a strong, sharp sleuth.

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Dogs for sale

At S.I.F.D. we understand the crucial importance of our canine’s health and living arrangements and because of this, our kennel does not house hundreds of dogs at a time.

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Operational work

We offer a reliable and efficient tool for detecting, for example narcotics and/or explosives with our K9 teams

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