Dogs for sale

Scent imprint for dogs (S.I.F.D.) is a Dutch company training detection and tracking/trailing dogs.

For our projects we select highly driven puppies or green dogs from the best working lines. We choose dogs that will be best suited for the type of work our clients require (even including selecting a dog that will be imprinted on scent already by the breeder).

Clients can follow the dog throughout the program. Our company is unique because in our puppy program we don’t only focus on the excellent working skills of the dogs but also on their proper development. We want to create working dogs that are stable and can work under any conditions. Our dogs are regularly trained in many different environments (including harbors, storage rooms, airports and army bases). We treat all of our dogs as individuals and each of them goes through a specially designed socialization plan that takes into consideration the natural predispositions of the dog. By combining the training in different locations and regular socialization of the puppies we create dogs that are strong and balanced.

Their entire education can be followed by videos and photos . It is wise to reserve a dog as we train the pups in a customized way and we do not go for mass production but for quality.

If you are interested in buying a working dog, or just want to find out about our method of training don’t hesitate to contact us.

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