Scent imprint for dogs offers super K9s amongst a variety of breeds and disciplines for our clients.

At S.I.F.D. we understand the crucial importance of our canine’s health and living arrangements and because of this, our kennel does not house hundreds of dogs at a time. Instead, make sure to provide each dog with enough one on one time for individual development and attention. Through this personal development process, not only do our dogs learn faster, but their most basic needs for attention and comfort are met. But we go beyond just treating our dogs right, we treat our clients right too. Our clients are welcome and encouraged throughout the training process to keep track and monitor their future K9s progress. This will give you insight to your personalized K9 that we proudly train and nurture.

  • Explosive (area and vapor)
  • Narcotics (area and vapor)
  • Money
  • Tobacco
  • Arson (area and vapor)
  • Mobile cellphone detection
  • Wildlife see www.scentimprintconservationdogs.com
  • Patrol (man hunt)
  • Tracking and trailing
  • Dual purpose